Thursday, February 16, 2012

Prepare Yourselves For A Shock...

I have become a monogamous knitter.

Can you believe it????  I don't think I have touched any knitting except the blue sweater for at least a week now--perhaps since I started the sleeves.  That makes it sort of sad that they aren't farther along, but let's recap the week:

Monday:  Physical therapy appointment, managed to twist pelvic bone before even getting home, got home and took Valium for the pain and went to bed.

Tuesday:  30 minutes on the elliptical machine, 2 circuits on the weight machines, 45 minutes in the pool, forgot about the damn hip and hopped to a rock in the garden, twisted pelvic bone out of place AGAIN, dashed upstairs to twist pelvic bone back INTO place again, then celebrated Valentine's Day with friends

Wednesday:  Exhausted and just trying to break the throwing-the-hip-out streak I seemed to have been on

Today:  Appointment with the spine doctor, 2 circuits on the weight machines, 1 hour in the pool, and now so tired that I'm debating how late it needs to be before I could legitimately go to bed.

The GOOD news is that I have been released by the doctor for almost 6 hours and haven't re-twisted my hip yet!  Good heavens--that means I might have achieved monogamy AND moderation in the same week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

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RobinH said...

Oh man! That is one rough week. Anything tough enough to make you stick to one project (stockinette, too, by the look of it). Here's hoping you manage to keep all your bones oriented correctly from here on out. And don't hesitate to rest if you're tired. Your body is sending you a message, here. You probably need that extra sleep to help heal the damage.