Thursday, May 5, 2011

Random Updates

*  I actually had the sense to have Andy try his sweater on before finishing the edging and attaching the zipper, and the collar--which looks huge when he's not wearing the sweater--looks rather short and silly when he IS wearing it.  So, back to Joanns to get a 30" and 32" zipper to see if I can finally get this right.

*  No word on Jeeves, but that's no real surprise as they never have bothered to call me to give me updates, tell me my machine is ready, tell me a part is on back order, or anything remotely useful.  There's an off chance they might notify the BBB instead, as part of the complaint procedure is that the company gets a chance to respond.  God help me, they're probably going to tell the BBB it's a stabilizer issue or some other such nonsense.

*  Busy weeks REALLY interfere with knitting, but today we're going to see a matinĂ©e of Wicked, and that involves a shuttle service, so I'm thinking there will be some prime knitting time in transit.

*   Instead of a May Project of the Month bag, I decided to pull out some material Andy bought for a summer shirt, on the off chance that we might soon be getting weather warm enough for him to wear it.