Saturday, December 3, 2011

I'm There!!!!

Meet finished project number 111:
which is what ALL the fashionable oatmeal containers are wearing this season.  What about project 110, you ask?  Shhhh--it's a secret.  It is Christmas, after all.

I have finished 111 projects!!!!

I am not yet willing to concede that there is anything good about throwing one's back out, but I will admit that it gives one lots of knitting time.  And speaking of, guess what arrived yesterday?
And the timing couldn't have been better.  Between the pain, the pain pills and all their side effects, Thursday's set-back, and the fact that I can never accept that things don't just heal quickly because I want them to, I have been a bit low the last couple days.  Being able to bribe myself with new yarn is helping--especially since it will be a while before I'll be able to sit enough to sew again.  I'm sure I'll be much more cheerful Monday evening once I've been to physical therapy and have learned what I can do to help my back heal, but in the meantime hitting my goal AND having new yarn to play with helps.



RobinH said...

Yay! 111, and it's barely even December! Way to go, Toni! So, tell us about the magnificent lace sweater/shawl in fingering weight yarn that you're casting on next?

Melodye said...

Hi Toni, congrats on reaching 111 projects. I've been following your back pain saga. Having been there, don't expect to feel that great on Monday. Physical therapy can be brutal. Continue to take it easy and don't push too hard!

Book Dragon said...

love all the hats! wish I could knit, never got the hang of it. Crochet? yes. Knit? grrrr

'course, I'm not that great of a crocheter ;)

Mereknits said...

A yarn bribe is always a good thing! Hope PT goes well on Monday, remember to take a bit of pain medication before you go so that you are not hurting too much afterward. Also try that Tiger Balm I told you about, it really helps warm up the area and makes moving a lot easier.
Hugs to you,