Monday, November 14, 2011


Normally, I've counted small things like ornaments as 1/2 a project, but for this one there won't be a second, so meet finished object number 103:
It's cute enough, but as you can see from the grid, it's too big for a Christmas ornament and too small for anything else..........and I might be just a bit soured on it as the pattern called for grafting on both the toe AND the heel after suffering through colorwork on DPNs which is always a bit of a challenge if you don't want any tension problems.  The pattern calls for some duplicate stitch red berries on the holly leaves which I may or may not get to.  I think just for the sheer "crankiness" factor, this gets to count as an entire project.

8 more to go!!!!


RobinH said...

Very cute, though! What weight of yarn? It ought to be possible to get a smaller ornament size in fingering weight.

Mereknits said...

I think because of the sheer frustration level this project gets its own number. Maybe that is how we should count them from now on, if it is a breeze it counts as one, if it is horrific it counts as 5 or 6.

Toni said...

Oh, I like that idea!!!!! I have a blouse in progress made from the most slippery, ravel-prone fabric I could have ever found that could count as 42!

Julie said...

I'm guestamating on the grids that it's about 4 inches. that's a good size for a cat stocking. Or it the pattern wasn't evilness designed by the devil it could be a good size for a Xmas Party goodie-bag

Mandy said...

If you really want to add the berries you could always use buttons instead of the duplicate stitches.
I do like the sock. Perhaps it could become a small last minute gift itself, with something equally small inside.