Saturday, September 10, 2011

Planning For Next Year

My crafting weekend moved the 111 projects goal much, MUCH closer, so let's just say for argument's sake that I hit my target for this year.  What then?  I like having a goal for finishing projects because otherwise I start a bunch of projects and may or may not finish them (anyone remember the 45 WIPs?).  However, I'm not sure that even I want to attempt 112 finished projects.  111 is a pretty daunting number already, and I'd like to work on some bigger projects next year.  But I'm also worried that I won't take myself very seriously if I drop back to finishing 50 projects in a year, and the sewing room is still overflowing so finishing a healthy number of projects will definitely help declutter.  Maybe set a goal to finish 50 sewing projects and 20 knitting?  Set a poundage goal to be used up?  Keep doing the basket challenges but include fabric?  Revive the Project of the Month bags and perhaps do 2 of them--one knitting, one sewing?  Finish 75 projects for the year?

When "Type A's" have hobbies..................................


Gaidig said...

It seems to me that finishing projects as a goal has been much more successful for you than making yardage goals, possibly because you can churn out smaller projects when you're feeling overwhelmed. To me, it seems like 112 would be a good goal, but maybe you could also count canning and other garden preservation projects.

RobinH said...

I think the goal needs to address something that you want to accomplish. Set a goal to have no WIPs older than some date. Fabric basket goals. Number of quilts for the year. How about a different goal for each month, mixing it up a little?

As you may recall, one of the reasons I didn't sign on for 111 projects this year was that I wanted to move some sweater projects that take more time, so I completely understand where you're coming from.