Monday, August 15, 2011

A Successful Crafting Weekend!

I'd like to say I avoided the garden all weekend long, but I'd also like to be taller and able to knit 35,000 yards of yarn a year AND buy unlimited amounts of yarn AND have unlimited storage space for yarn, so I try not to pay too much attention to such wishes.  As promised, the finished socks:
It's my standard toe-up sock with a very simple K2, p2 rib that shifts one stitch after every 4 rows, and I really like how it wears, as well as how it looks with the striped yarn:
Of course, MOSTLY I like that it used up 460 yards from my stashdash basket.  YAY!

The new hat got lots of attention,
and is almost ready for top shaping.  The pattern calls for 5 inches on the sides, but I have one of these and it's just a bit too short to go over my ears for when it's REALLY cold, which is actually the only time I wear hats, so while I love how my hat looks, my ears are freezing which makes me cold and the hat completely pointless.  Which is the longest way I could find to say that I'm making the sides 6-inches tall instead of 5.

The new scarf is making some progress as well,
and I'm loving the results.   Of course, I suppose the center doesn't really look like thyme--not that I would know as I keep killing it in the garden, probably because everyone tells me it grows like weeds and can be used as a ground cover.  Only calling it "impossible to kill" would seal its fate in my hands faster.  It probably looks a bit more like basil, which I am happy to report that I CAN grow, but there isn't a song about basil and rosemary, so.............Rosemary and Thyme it is.

Really, I think it's actually a good day when it's the NAME of the knitting I have to explain and not the knitting itself--far easier on the crafting ego...............

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RobinH said...

And, the socks and scarf look like they go together! Which would be more useful if you wore scarves on your ankles, admittedly. But you could wear the socks and put your feet up while *knitting* the scarf...

Lovely as always!