Thursday, July 14, 2011

4 and a Half Skeins Finished!

Remember when I said I had probably put way more yarn in my stash-dash basket than I could reasonably expect to knit?  So far I've finished two scarves and used up 4 1/2 balls from my basket.  The newest scarf:
 and the next one already on the needles:
and the first ball of the gift vest.
the entire thing is not part of my basket (thank heavens--cable needle, size 5 needles)--just this one ball.

Shall we just stop pretending that I'm not trying to finish the entire basket by September 1, no matter how idiotic this might be?


RobinH said...

Well, if you put a *reasonable* amount of yarn in the basket, where would the challenge be?

Love the new scarf!

Mereknits said...

I think you are knitting things up so fast, keep up the great job.

kayT said...

Just wondering what the stitch pattern is for that latest scarf. Really lovely esp. with that color yarn.

Elisa said...

i envy your stash busting! That's a lot of knitting to get done! What is the pattern of the green scarf? It's a lovely combination.

RobinH said...

Toni, I have to tell you...after seeing your beautiful Foreign Corresponded scarf, I had to start one of my own. And I took it with me to my folk music group and one of the fellow knitters there was instantly smitten and asked about the pattern. And then the next day, I took it to my knitting group- where another knitter fell for its allure and took down the pattern info. You've contagious!