Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Why There Has Been Very Little Knitting

I can knit while doing a lot of things, but this
isn't one of them.   This, however, was my 40th birthday present from Andy's sister and her family, hereby dubbed our Adventure Family.  How entirely cool is that??


RobinH said...

Wow! That looks completely awesome! Happy Birthday!

tinebeest said...

Whoah! If that is your cup of tea, that is brilliant!

If, however, you're like my mum, you might as well book the funeral straight away after receiving this present! :-)

I hope you enjoyed it, and that we get more details soon! Belated happy birthday!

toni in florida said...

100 percent cool! Downright chilly, by the looks of it!

Glad you had a terrific bday.