Monday, May 9, 2011


I'd like to say that I got lots of things done on Finishing Friday, but I was too angry with Holland's Sew Shoppe to really focus on anything.  I'll be taking Jeeves to the other dealer this afternoon, and when HE finds the problem, I'll be reporting that to the BBB.  I don't know what--if anything--the Better Business Bureau will really do to them.  I've always sort of believed in the back of my mind that they are the champions of the consumer, but I've also known that one of the most unethical businesses I have ever encountered (and I can say this because I worked for them for a few months) has been a member for years and has an excellent rating.  So, I guess we'll find out.  BUT, no one I know will ever do business with that company again, and that's a fair number of people.

I thought it best to avoid sewing in any form, so I dug out my Stash Dash basket,
and have now (as of last night) finally finished that monster 880-yard skein on the shawl:
Whoo hoo!  As much as I love really big hanks of yarn for lace so there are fewer ends to have to splice, they do get a bit demoralizing after a while.  Interestingly, while I included this IN the stash-dash basket, I did not include the second skein, so I've decided to follow my own rules and have moved on to the other projects.  That feels sort of odd, but it wasn't hard to talk myself into making another 100-yard chemo cap over jumping into another 880-yard hank of laceweight.  Call me crazy.

There's not likely to be a lot of crafting happening here in the next week and a half, as we have company coming this weekend and there's going to be some mad cleaning/organizing going on around here--which probably also means that I'll be "tidying" myself into my own private little on-going scavenger hunt for the next year and a half........

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Mereknits said...

Toni, have a wonderful time with your guests. i bet you still find time to knit while they are there. Love the shawl so far.