Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I Have Yarn Lust

Obviously now that you have all seen the size of the stash, this comes as no great surprise.  Probably more along the lines of "stating the completely freakin' obvious" such as "I like to buy yarn."  But this time really is different.

I am lusting after yarn I already own.

Basically, I want to knit anything that isn't one of these lovely yarns:
I know, I know, the Stash Dash was my own idea, and I've even been doing really well on it.  I believe I've used up 7 or 8 of those skeins already and am rapidly closing in on that big 880-yard monster skein that I've been working on forever since February.  But I apparently have the emotional maturity of a three-year-old, and as soon as I can't have something, BAM!  It's all I can think of.  Today's object of lust is socks, but I'd settle for pretty much anything so long as it's forbidden.  

Perhaps after the Stash Dash is over, I should take away all my WIPS and forbid myself to work on them, just to see what my childish self would do.......A WIP marathon perhaps?


TabbyBrown said...

*Best Mom talking to three year old Voice* Okay, if you finish up ALLL of a project, you can have one skein of sock yarn. but only one so you have to choose carefully. And promise to not to ruin appertite for dinner-I mean next challange!

Janet said...

Tabby has an idea for you, go for it, get something finished then pull out a fun sock yarn to do a pair with. The projects will both count towards your goals for the year.

Ella said...

I hear you. I realized yesterday that my sock stash had outgrown their drawer so while I transferred them to a larger drawer I told myself to go easy on the sock knitting for the next, say, ten years. Well, I'll have to finish the WIP pair first, of course ...

carolyn said...

I say....go find some sock yarn. Start a sock. Work on it for a set amount of time. Then switch to a stashdash project. Bam! Both things accomplished. But I do understand how it is. You get so sick of working on your "goal items", you want to BUST OUT! and do something fun.