Tuesday, January 11, 2011

It's Official. I Must Be Insane

Since I was out running errands today, I ran by Joanns to pick up black buttons (exactly 4 buttons), one square of orange felt (for the next round of snowmen, not the current ones), and black embroidery thread.  I was really good.  I didn't even LOOK at fabric or yarn, but obviously the stress of a severe stash diet might have weakened my brain.  While trying to figure out if the 5-, 8- or 12-sized balls of black thread meant "embroidery" thread, and whether or not it was more economical as balls or the little floss skeins (no idea), when I was viciously assaulted by a display of half-priced cross stitch kits.  It took 20 minutes to extricate myself from the wily little pouches without having to bring one home with me, but I positively FLED the store before they could rally for a second attempt.

Obviously, my brain has snapped.  For one thing, I have a cross stitch kit here at home that I started at least 5 years ago, and which I do occasionally drag out to work on....only to put it away in frustration several hours later when I discover that aside from the little-known hobby of watching paint dry, cross stitch is the slowest hobby known to craft-dom.  For another thing, I have 111 projects to finish this year, and to try to make one of them a cross stitch would be certifiably insane, even for me--which, as we all know, is saying something!


Janet said...

You poor girl. Just so you know for future, the balls are perle cotton. They are not meant to be stranded like floss. Although you can embroider with it. Janet

carolyn said...

Hee hee hee! You crack me up.

RobinH said...

Ah, Toni? Your friends have known this about you for a while.

But yay for the willpower to resist the sneaky wiles of the folks at Joann's!