Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I Have A Plan!!!!

So, I have approximately 149,000 yards of yarn in my stash.  At the rate I have averaged, that's about 10 years of yarn.  BUT IF I COULD MANAGE TO KNIT 25,000 YARDS A YEAR, IT'S LESS THAN A 6 YEAR STASH!

Okay, so I actually haven't ever managed 25,000 yards in one year, but until last year, I hadn't managed 100 projects in one year either.  Incredibly silly crafting goals do tend to motivate me, so there IS a chance.......


Janet said...

Don't you mean 149,000 yards of yarn, not skeins??? Either way, it is a lot of yarn. You can do it. Janet

RobinH said...

Hmm. The other thing to consider is volume. Knitting a bunch of bulky weight yarn will free up more sewing room space than knitting lace weight.

The other thing is trying for projects that go quickly and use a lot of yardage. Scarves are great for that.

tinebeest said...

Somehow the title of the post reminds me of Blackadder, where Baldrick regularly spouts the words "I have a cunning plan"... ;-)

But yeah, why not? I don't quite see how 111 projects and a laceweight stash to make my LYS envious go together, but I'm happy to learn! Maybe little lace stars for decorating the Christmas tree, and count each star as one project?

Best of luck, Toni. You know we love you and cheer you on!

mathreallycounts said...

Maybe you could write a guest post in my math blog about this!!! :)

Mereknits said...

There is always a chance, I think you can do it.