Sunday, December 12, 2010

Close Enough!

A friend has sworn that the next time I mention that I am going to make two project simultaneously, she will remind me to stab myself in the leg repeatedly until the urge passes.  This is a good thing.

The problem with doing two projects from the same pattern AT THE SAME TIME is that if you make a mistake on one, you're more than likely going to make it on the other one as well.  Another problem is that if the pattern was written by psychotics who leave you with two unexplained pattern pieces,
you have TWO projects with unexplained pattern pieces.  According to the pattern, the red one belongs somewhere on this apron:
and the black one on this one:
 which doesn't make any sense.  Since I had them, I decided to go ahead and use them as facings for the top yoke, but decided to actually match them up color-wise so they would make sense.  Of course, by the time I decided this, it required mostly hand-stitching them in place, but it would really irritate me to have leftover pieces.  I double- and triple-checked the pattern.  They never do account for them. 

So the two aprons are almost done.  There's a lot of hand-stitching to be done (even without my edits), but I have spent the entire day on these things with little to show for it, so I decided to count the fabric as used up but not yet count them as finished projects in an effort to boost my will to live sew.  So, if you will check that little stash-busting tally at the side of the blog, you will notice that I have crossed into triple digits!!!  That's right, I have used over 100 yards of fabric from the stash so far this year!!!  I'd like to think that I've used up more fabric than I have purchased, but I'm also carefully not doing any tallying as I have some strong doubts on that point......

Still, I have now sewn a football field!!!!!  Which is likely the only football reference that shall ever appear on this blog, unless I find a way to make a fantasy fair isle league or something.......:)