Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Getting A Little Bit Desperate.....

 I'm guessing you might have noticed that the "days left" number is moving a lot more consistently than "projects left" is.  I keep hovering right around that need-a-project-every-three-days-to-make-it mark, but I'm not really getting projects done every 3 days.  The manly-leafy hat is getting close:
but if I were a bright person I would have remembered that colorwork really slows me down because A) there's a chart involved, B) I am too lazy to put the yarn on bobbins to spend large amounts of time undoing big multi-colored yarn snarls, and C) I don't care much for colorwork, so I won't work on it with much dedication.  Thankfully, I have about 4 rows left then it's a stockinette free-for-all to the top.

Of course, since the chart makes it a not-portable project, I have started a new tweed hat
and will hopefully have the sense to only use one other color for the tweedy part, which should still make it an easy project as only one color is actually used on any given row.  This is the theory.

Knitting, sadly, is probably not going to get me to 100 in 51 days, so Sunday I spent barricaded in the sewing room.  While Theo helped me to cut out lining, material, and batting to mass-produce some cornucopias,
 I dug out some navy plush to get some winter pillow covers going on Jeeves.  
and somehow managed to mess that up before I even STARTED sewing:
I've had this washer for about 7 years now, and this honestly was the first time I have ever created a solid wall of foam in the thing.  It took 2 more full wash cycles to get rid of the stuff, though not until after I had sprayed it all over the laundry room by slamming the washer door shut.  I assume if Woolite is truly gentle enough for delicate fabrics, it probably didn't do any harm to the walls, floor, and ceiling. 

 I did finally get it all cleaned up, rinsed, dried, cut out, and started on Jeeves
which is probably a really long way to say that I don't have a single finished project to show you. 

51 days and counting...................