Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Not The Best Weekend

So, you might have guessed that I didn't have the greatest holiday weekend.  Surprisingly, the Knitting Gods didn't think a broken "newly repaired" sewing machine & a cold were quite enough.  I ran into a snag on the Baby Reefer Jacket
which, to be fair, is completely my own fault, but annoying just the same.  I decided to make the two fronts & back all in one piece, and just divide for the sleeves.  Simple, no?  Actually, no.  It turns out that the sweater is made with drop sleeves, so there I was knitting away, when I finally double checked the pattern and realized that I was going to end up with one great big piece of knitting with no armholes.  AND, there are no schematics for the pattern, so I have no idea how far down the body the sleeve will actually reach, so I decided to break at a reasonable spot for the sleeves and hope for the best.  I can either steek or sew a bit if I'm off, but I'm really hoping it will be the sewing option.  I have steeked and will be steeking Andy's sweater, but it cutting knitting still just feels fundamentally wrong. 

AND, if that weren't enough, I cut out an entire ensemble this weekend--you know, when I was planning to have a working sewing machine--and discovered that I had missed this
I've gotten used to manufacturers printing farther & farther into the material, but this was originally a full 2 inches from the selvage edge of the material, and is now on the side of the pants.  It was nice of Joann Fabrics to autograph it for me--just in case I forgot which manufacturer would do something so absolutely irritating, it will be on my pants!  When I am in a better mood, I'll be making a sort of band to go down each side to cover it up, but I think it's time to start shopping elsewhere for fabric.  The last 3 projects I've made with fabric from Joanns had some sort of flaw/hole/billboard on them, and I'm just tired of the poor quality--not to mention the insanely long lines at the stores.

I did manage to finish the July Project of the Month:
a little fleece baby blanket that just needed hemming.  Usually I like to do a more creative decorative stitch for the hem, but once Jeeves came home from the shop, 22 out of 35 stitches NO LONGER WORKED, so I thought this would look a little sharper than my other options.....although the button hole was a strong contender. 

Beading always cheers me up, so the beaded Ostrich Plume scarf saw a lot of action this weekend
From this angle you can sort of see the beads.  I LOVE THIS SCARF!!!! 

I lead a Yahoo Group dedicated to Elizabeth Zimmermann patterns, and we've decided to do a July Pi shawl knit-a-long, which of course is a terrible idea since I'm trying to finish 100 projects and should be thinking hats not shawls, but.....

So I went to my laceweight bin
which STILL can't actually close, and faced with ALL those options, I was really leaning toward this:
which I have no less than 4 skeins (2400 yards) of, and wouldn't you think I'd be thinking, "Whoo hoo!  Great way to use up at least 2 of those skeins?"  Nope!  I actually had to check Elann's website to make sure they were still making the Baby Lace Merino IN THIS COLOR before I could convince myself to use it!!!!  Well, obviously I've gone round the yarn bend now.  I have no less than 10 balls of this stuff still in my stash--not counting everything else.  I've had some of this yarn for so long that it has become part of the family!!!!

Hm..........I wonder if the IRS would buy that argument if I show up with 350 dependents on my taxes next year.......?