Saturday, December 18, 2010

Finishing Friday

And I actually finished LOTS of things.  First, I decided it would be nice if the wands Andy made for a niece and nephew had something to be stored in, so
Then I decided to see if Jeeves had problems using one of the embroidery cards he originally came with, or if it is just designs I transfer to a writable card, so I made gift bags
I had actually intended to make only one, but I loved the design so much that I just kept going.  I also "just kept going" with making handles
so the little heart bag finally got them
and the rest have been put into safe keeping for my next bag marathon.  I loved the design so much that I dug out some home decorating fabric and used it on a wall hanging
Currently it is just pinned up because I was trying to decide if it needed something extra, but I sort of like it just plain.  Still, I'll think about it for a week or two, then either add loops to hang it from a rod or just tabs on the back to hang invisibly from pins.

Apparently nothing motivates me quite like the desire to have enough space to hit the Joann's after-Christmas fabric clearance sales.................................


RobinH said...

Love the wall hanging!

Hope the fabric shopping spree doesn't set you back too much in your stash reduction goals.

toni in florida said...

Wow, that is a gorgeous design! Glad Jeeves decided to produce it for you (and multiple times, too).