Thursday, December 9, 2010

And The Chemo Caps Just Keep Coming...

Okay--no funny drugs today.  I had my toe x-rayed on Tuesday just in case I'd done something more serious than a clean break (I haven't, but it is broken), and the x-ray process was so painful that when they offered me pain pills, I jumped at the chance.  (Or lunged, I suppose, since my foot was propped up on the table at the time.)

Oh.  My. 

I'm glad pain pills exist. I truly am.  And when I actually broke my toe Saturday night, I was probably in enough pain to take one of them.  I'm not now.  I'm now at a point where pain is preferable to 4 hours of comatose.  And now that I can operate things again, it's picture time!!!!

The black pi topper chemo hat:
 A new blue hat:
 and the latest pi topper:
The blue one will be on it's way to another friend who celebrated her 40th birthday by undergoing an operation to remove a brain tumor, but the green one will hopefully be in the gift bin a VERY long time before it gets an owner. 


Mereknits said...

Glad your toe is getting better, the caps are wonderful. Hope you continue to have less pain and more knitting time.
Have a great day,

Janet said...

Here's to feeling better! Your caps are cute! Love the black one. Where is the pattern????

RobinH said...

Okay, I must look at these when I get home and have a decent monitor... I can't make out much detail on the black one, but I love the button accent- very stylish! And the blue and green are very pretty.

Daniele said...

Beautiful! I too hope that hat stays in the bin for awhile.

I've been thinking of quilting and fabric lately. That hasn't happened in a while. I might not be able to come here anymore.... LOL

:D Hope that toe feels better.