Friday, November 19, 2010

We're Down To Single Digits

Bob:  This just in:  with 42 days left in the year, Ms. Sutton has finished project 91
 and has made astounding progress on the next 6 cornucopias.  

All 6 are ready for the hand-stitching to close the opening and add the decorative cord.

Ron:  That's  quite a bit more progress than we've seen from Ms. Sutton lately.  What prompted the recent burst of productivity?

Bob:  Obviously realizing that Ms. Sutton was slacking off a bit, her newly self-appointed coach
woke her up at 4:30 this morning to get cracking on Finishing Friday.

Ron:  Theo's hard work has certainly had the desired effect.  Can we expect the same tenacity tomorrow morning.

Bob:  Hard to say, Ron.  Rather than expressing gratitude for his help, Ms. Sutton has threatened to lock Theo in the garage for the night tonight.  Coaching certainly is a thankless job.

Ron:  How right you are, Bob.  Poor Theo had to nap all day to recover from his early morning exertions. 

Bob:  Such dedication!  Let's hope he can push Ms. Sutton through these final 9 projects.  Keep it tuned here for the 2010 100-Project Challenge.


Gaidig said...

9 to go? You can do it!!!!

Daniele said...

Those pillows are awesome!

Janet said...

Awesome pillows Toni! I love them. Fortunately, or unfortunately, for my wallet, the nearest Joannes is in Sioux Falls, SD, over an hour drive from here. So to find some pretty fabric like you have and decorate for pillows, is next to impossible right now! Love the color and design though, Janet