Friday, November 26, 2010

Knitting Things I'm Thankful For

*  that not all yarn behaves like mohair when one needs to frog

*  that my husband has a 40-inch chest, not a 48-inch chest

*  that Theo's favorite craft is sewing.  He can do so much less damage to fabric than yarn.

*  that I didn't make the 100-Projects goal "knitting only."

*  that today, with a tryptophan and carbohydrate hang-over,  I have a very simple project to work on

*  that one can replace broken knitting needles for relatively small amounts of money, and one doesn't have to wait months for defective parts to be replaced

*  that I have great online knitting buddies, even if I may never meet them in person

*  that I have already learned that some people are not knit-worthy, and won't be wasting my time on them

*  that I have almost reached the 100-project goal, and could be a normal person again in the very near future.  (I said "could.")


RobinH said...

Normal? Never that, Toni...stay exceptional and awesome! We enjoy that about you so much. :)

Abby said...

We all know that there will be a NEW goal following the 100th project. Can't wait to see in what new way you will drive yourself crazy in 2011! Maybe hand embroidery while you wait on sewing machine parts? BTW, good luck with that.

carolynswafford said...

A great list! You have inspired me to do a 2011 goal (either for knitting or reading or something else or all of it)

What will the final 4 projects be?

And what's your crafting challenge for the new year?

tinebeest said...

You going back to normal? Why would you? It's boring there!

And yes, one must be grateful for small things. They're what makes life easy.

Lol: the idea of "Theo's craft". But yet it is so true.