Saturday, November 6, 2010

Are You Sitting Down?

Finished project number 82:

which is a fall table-runner type thing to go underneath some stuff, so the fact that some of my embroidered leaves stand out a bit too much really won't matter.

Finished project number 83:

the absolutely adorable purple tweed hat.

The new hat project:
 which is at the "manly leaves" part and keeps loading sideways for unknown reasons, and finally, after lots
and lots
and LOTS
of time over the last 2 days (like almost all of it), we have finished project number 84:

The Christmas quilt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Done AND done early enough to be mailed off in plenty of time for Christmas. 

I sincerely hope the shock wasn't too much for anyone, though I could certainly understand if it was.


Dana KBS said...

Gorgeous projects all! I am jealous of the christmas quilt. Wish I had a walking foot for my machine...

Gaidig said...

Wow! The Christmas quilt!! I am amazed. It looks really good, too.

toni in florida said...

So glad you found your camera! Congrats on 84!

Abby said...

All beautiful, but especially that xmas quilt!

RobinH said...

Fabulous! The tweedy hat is indeed adorable, and the Christmas quilt looks amazing! And I actually like the outstanding leaves in your fall table running. Wow, you are really rocking the FO list! I'm going to have to scramble to catch up! (Though I made a good start this weekend.)

Daniele said...

Oh My! That quilt should log-in at two-to-three projects!! Beautiful work. Also loving the gold leaves standing out. So pretty! Finally, the tweed knit hat should come to live at my house. Just sayin'