Friday, November 5, 2010

And What I Would Be Showing You TODAY If I Could Find the Camera....

I have a new chair pad! 

Neither Andy's desk chair nor my office chair are the greatest chairs.  Which makes sense, because unless you are really going to spend about $600-$700 on a desk chair, it's going to hurt your back or backside in a few years.  Not being independently wealthy, we of course do not own $1400's worth of chairs.  However, we ARE now the possessors of $25's worth of foam pads for our cheap chairs.  We went to a local foam place--believe it or not, there are such places--and got the foam that would be IN the $700 chairs. 

My butt is in love!

1 comment:

tinebeest said...

Hmmm, cunning misplacement of the camera while you buy yourself some time to turn these dreamed up projects into reality...

What? You really mean it when you say I'm a cynical lecturer who doesn't believe any of the excuses the students come up with?


And yes, the expensive chairs are worth it- it is a long term investment which outweighs the cost of regular lifelong osteopath visits. But I understand not everybody has got parents who have that much common sense when their daughter goes off to grad school. (Thanks, mum and dad!)