Friday, October 22, 2010

Things One Wonders After A Few Days of Nyquil.......

*  Can a knitter finally have too many sweaters?

*  Is it wrong to see a bright side in Global Warming?  Such as the need for more sweaters?

*  Were legwarmers invented by a knitter who couldn't turn a heel?

*  If I decorate a few walls with lace shawls, will it keep the house warmer?

*  If I started wearing them for pajamas, would that double my need for sweaters?

*  Is it more believable to blame the recent casting on of 3 new projects on the cold or the drugs?

*  Should I hope for a speedy recovery or hold out for a couple more sick/knitting days?


Mereknits said...

Hold out for more knitting/sick days. you deserve it after casting on three new projects. I would blame it more on the meds.... Hope you feel better soon,

Ella said...

Well, there's a thought ... I was going to wish you speedy recovery but now I'm torn. Couldn't you just declare knitting a long-term therapy / prevention thingie? That way, you'd have to make room for knitting time either way. :-)) As for decorating with lace shawls - naa. The warmth would vanish through the holes. Try aran wraps - the cable knots will tie the warmth to the room. ;-)

RobinH said...

1. Probably, but only if they don't have relatives who like handknits.

2. Why does warming cause a need for more sweaters? More bathing suits and life jackets perhaps (maybe it's just if you're on the coast).

3. No. They were invented by a female who was forced by social pressure to wear a skirt in the winter.

4. Can't hurt- go for it!

5. Absolutely!

6. Definitely the drugs.

7. I think you should recover, go pick tomatoes in the rain, and use the subsequent chill as an excuse to huddle indoors with yarn for a couple more days.