Thursday, October 14, 2010

I'm Getting Weak

This is my third year of Cold Sheeping, and I am wanting to buy yarn today more than at any other time in the last two and a half years.  Why you might ask?

*  I'm still battling the pantry moths, and while I've certainly made a lot of progress, today I found the little cocoon things in the coffee filters!   

*  We have a burner not working on the stove.  Last week when the Sears guy was supposed to come and take a look at it, Sears failed to call and say he was running late, so we waited for 4 hours for the guy, and he called 2 hours AFTER the outside time frame.  And unless he is on our doorstop in 12 minutes or less, the Sears guy is standing us up AGAIN!!!!!!

*  Earlier this summer, I discovered the hard way that not all rubber gloves will keep one from getting burned while handling jalapenos, but that wearing latex gloves under the rubber gloves would solve the problem.  It did not occur to me that if I put the rubber gloves on over a month later, the jalapeno oils would still be inside the rubber gloves, and would burn the freakin' daylights out of  my hands, and would coat them so thoroughly that I would be stuck with wearing latex gloves the rest of the day to stop myself from spreading jalapeno oil to any other part of my skin.

*  The Sears guy now has 9 minutes to go and isn't here.

*  It's too early for a white chocolate martini


Mereknits said...

Hope all is fixed and that your hands are healing. Not at all good for knitting.
Have a good weekend,

tinebeest said...

Ouch! Pepper incidents are nasty. At least you have avoided the eye area (friend of my parents was less knowledgable and less lucky, it hurt. A lot).

Hang on in there. You can't touch the soft yarn until you're jalapeno free, and although it will keep you warm, you won't be able to cook on it. Furthermore, it is potentially food for nasty critters (heavens forbid!), do not put good quality yarn in the way of temptation. So in the cold light of rational thinking, buying yarn won't help any of the problems you have right now.

But as a fellow knitter, I understand your logic that new wool somehow cures all ills. Hugs (just keep your pepper hands of me, will ya? ;-) )

RobinH said...

Ow. Just ow. Do you have any solarcaine/lidocaine (topical anestheitc)? I believe that would work as well for chemical burns as for sunburn.

I don't suppose jalapeno oil is the kiss of death for pantry moths? We can live in hope.

Take care. Wishing you working stove burners and an inexhaustible supply of disposable gloves for handling peppers.

Kathleen C. said...

It is never too early for a chocolate martini. But do not mix it without donning latex gloves over the jalapeno oil hands.

Daniele said...

Cccccocoooon things??? OMG! I just freaked right out.

Now, if you were talking about the gigantic black wolf spiders that have taken over my house.... I would say "no big deal" and be lying.. :D

hot pepper burns? yep....