Monday, September 6, 2010


Not only because we finally have a picture of the socks, but also because I have figured out how to share a picture of the socks from my laptop.  This is very big news, because it means that A) the puppy has not chewed up a second cable, and B) I have figured out the Linux/Ubuntu methods of sharing pictures, which are different than the Windows/Microsoft software programs on my desktop computer.  In all other things, I really have learned to prefer Linux (especially on that money issue), but getting photos onto the blog has been a bit.....problematic.  I have been able to add them sideways or upside down, but tonight's right-side-up achievement is, perhaps, a first. 

So....I will also show you the September Project of the Month
which is the brown pajama top for Andy's coffee pjs, which wouldn't be quite as necessary now that I've found the missing pajama top.....except for the fact that now I can't find the extra material that I was going to piece together to make sleeves.  So.....I'll go ahead and finish this and hope that at some point in the future I locate ALL of the pajama top parts long enough to get it finished. 

Hey, a girl can always dream..........


toni in florida said...

I'd ask how the heck you lost the sleeves, but I think I know the answer already: "Um, the sleeve gremlins stole them." Right?

Love the lace socks!

RobinH said...

Oooh. The lace socks are really gorgeous!

And I always think optimism is good trait.

Daniele said...

Love those socks! I wants to see them on yer feet!!

and Welcome Home Jeeves! WOOT

and apparently - Happy Birthday!!