Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sutton's Law

After an 11 week absence, one is finally going to get their sewing machine back right at the time when one is too busy canning to be able to use it.


toni in florida said...

Just think of all the yummy stuff you'll be able to eat all winter, while you wear and use all the amazing projects you've finished. Then think how many gifts you've already stockpiled for the all-too-rapidly-approaching holidays. As my sons tell me, you do pretty good for an old lady. (Just kidding! I'm actually *several* years older than you.) Happy belated birthday!

RobinH said...

It's one of those little ironies, that's for sure.

Can away,'ll be crafting again soon, I'm sure!

tinebeest said...

I've been absent from the internet for a week or two, so good to hear that Jeeves is finally back (and guess which brand I have put on my black-list for buying sewing machines...)

Can now, sew later would be my advice. The fabric won't go off (if it did, lots of people suddenly realise they have a BIG problem)