Wednesday, September 1, 2010

September 1: 4 Months and 40 Projects To Go

It's the first of September, and my totals for the year stand thus (don't you just love it when you can use an obscure old word like "thus?"):

Finished projects:  60
Total skeins of yarn used:  39.1
Total yards of yarn used:  8673.5
Total yards of fabric used:  63.69

With 4 months to go, I need 40 projects, and I'm really hoping to hit 100 yards of fabric used for the year.  I would have sworn I have used up more than 39 skeins of yarn, but as there has been a lot of lace happening, that probably makes sense.  BUT.....could I at least reach 50 by the end of the year????????

And what am I doing working on a quilt????????????


Daniele said...

What ARE you doing with that quilt??? :D

Seriously, though, it's lovely. I use the adhesive spray when putting the pieces together before quilting. It really does the job for me, plus you can still pull the pieces apart easily enough.

Of course, I haven't worked on a quilt for years now. I'm sure my quilt top in progress is going to need to be thrown out because the fabric probably changed color with age... I need a good fabric clean-out I think, and then maybe some storage bags. Oh hell.... thanks for reminding me!! :D

Gaidig said...

You are nearly done with the quilt, though. Since you're quilting by machine, the piecing is the slow part, right? Then you'll get to knock all that fabric off of the total.

RobinH said...

I do love words...alternatively, you could say, "Hitherto, I have finished 60 projects."

As for the skeins...skeins vary in size. Just remind yourself they were all big skeins. Or else knit a sweater from a yarn that comes in skeins of less than a hundred yards....

Janet said...

Speaking of yarn used, how is Andy's sweater coming along???? Perhaps that can be a finish project before the end of the year and that will take off a lot of skeins????
I have to rip out all of the yarn from John's vest I knit him last winter and he didn't get a chance to wear it. He has now lost several inches over all, especially in the tummy region, so have to downsize the vest! Good for him on the weigth loss and toning but bad for the knitter, lol. Oh the cables, notice, I am procrastinating on doing this project, maybe I will just go work on the Pi Shawl. I have less knitting left to go on it, lol. Have a great week.

Abby said...

The garden is almost done and xmas is coming - of course you will reach your goals!