Sunday, September 26, 2010

I've Recovered!!!!!

After a few days of rest, hot pads, hot tubbing, and serious humiliation, I have recovered from my recent fruit beating, and have finished one sock in the stretchy yarn
which I think might actually work with this pattern.  I hope so--I have 4 more pairs of socks worth of this yarn.  

Feeling thoroughly sorry for myself, I also started a new lace scarf
which I like in theory, but will probably frog & restart because the pattern has a 1-stitch stockinette border on each side that I want to get rid of, and I think I'd like the scarf a bit thinner and with a little bit bigger bottom border.  I want it to be a little scarf to tie around my neck when I wear the new tan microsuede ensemble since the decorative stitching thing didn't work out, and I really can't wear tan without looking like some sort of faded banana.  

Speaking of fruit, yesterday I was even able to successfully cut up 5 trays of apples to dehydrate without any apple arse-kicking, so later today I'll be doing more trays and even a few jars of pickles--hopefully without incident, although those late-season cucumbers do get a bit mouthy at times........

1 comment:

Janet said...

Like your multi colored lace project. Also the sock, good luck on the knit for this, hope it works the way you want it too! Like the colors too. Didn't you say something about this yarn being stretchy????