Sunday, September 19, 2010

Finishing Sunday

Which is totally lacking the alliterative neatness of Finishing Friday, but some weeks I'll take what I can get.  What it is lacking in alliteration, however, it makes up for in productivity.  First up:
The baby reefer jacket is done!!!!!!  Well, almost.  Those buttons aren't actually sewn on yet, but even though I can get distracted at almost any other point on a sweater, being distracted enough to not sew buttons on hasn't been a problem.  So, it is finished enough to make the list.  And secondly....

Now that the sewing room is overrun with machines, space is seriously at a premium, so I have decided to focus on space-saving projects for a while.  This
is my first storage idea.  I think it will be a great place to store my seam rippers (notice the plural), embroidery scissors, screw drivers, and other things that I need to have on-hand while sewing.  It was really a quick project, too.  After measuring I decided I needed 2 pieces of black material 25" by 18", then stuck some fusible fleece to the top layer

then for the pockets I knew I wanted two longer pieces because I wanted the pockets to "bulge" for easy access, so I cut two 5" by 30" strips of the pink.  I sewed them together at one long edge using 1/4-inch seams, then pressed the seam to the inside, and I did decorative stitching across the edge for fun, but topstitching would have been fine.  Then I pinned the pink to the piece of black with the fleece, putting two small "tucks" in for each pocket
then basted the pockets on.  I also stitched the seams in to form the pockets, then with right sides together, pinned the other piece of black material to this one and stitched a half-inch seam allowance almost all the way around the square, leaving about a 3-inch opening so I could turn it right side out.  Then I pressed it and slip-stitched the opening closed, and top-stitched about 3/8-inch from the edge on the sides & top.  I think the whole thing took less than an hour. 


Honestly, the things I'll do to have a little fling with laceweight....................


Janet said...

You go girl! Like the extra pocket holder for your machine! A couple of years ago friends made one for me, love it. I have been working on quilt blocks, trying to finish up my Block of the Month for Christmas club at the shop, only have two more months of blocks to do. Multiple blocks for each month, I think there is 3 to 5 blocks for each month. Oh well, want to actually finish this quilt on time, seems if I don't then the blocks are doomed to never be done, lol. What a time dilemma.
Have a great week.

Mandy said...

A very useful set of pockets.

RobinH said...

Do you know, I have never knit anything out of laceweight? After reading your blog, I'm a bit seems to be approximately as addictive as crack.

That baby sweater is perfectly adorable! And highly useful pockets. Go, Toni! Only 30 projects left to go! (And my verification word is 'ingenbi' which certainly sounds like it's related to 'ingenious'--must refer to the pockets!)

Ilix said...

Laceweight fling... here you come. I love your little organizer too!