Sunday, August 29, 2010

Let's Just Call It "Progress" Friday

A LOT of progress.  With a sidekick who is still not quite sure if he likes Bernie,

I finished the last block for the Christmas quilt, sewed all the blocks together, added a small border,
then swept the floor downstairs so I could do this
I'm sure other people have different ways of doing this, but taping the backing onto the floor and then pinning everything onto it is the only way I don't get massive puckers in the back of the quilt.  In the future, if I were to use this quilt design again, I would make even numbers of blocks for each row--that way all the edges would end with the same color.  But, I think this is going to be a nice size, and I am STILL hoping to finish it for a Christmas gift (I know--I could have brighter ideas during the 100-projects year), so I'm going to live with it as it is.  The backing is massive because I first had tried putting together a back piece that was only slightly bigger than the quilt top....and discovered after washing it, ironing it, and taping it that I had somehow made it about an inch too small and had to start all over.  Let's just say that the next one was perhaps a bit of an overreaction.......

Bernie's walking foot--which I bought when I bought Bernie because I just haven't spent enough money lately--comes with PARTS.  That was a bit intimidating, I have to admit.  There are two guides, two feet, and something which I am still unclear about, but which doesn't seem to be necessary if one isn't using the guides. 
I am just doing a simple stitch-in-the-ditch (or mostly--I'm rather crooked at, often....), so after figuring out which foot is for quilting & which for other sewing and THEN figuring out how to change the foot, I was off!  I'm rather pleased with myself to have gotten so far in one day. You might have noticed that quilts seem to have a disturbing way of dropping off the blog either part way through the piecing, or right after the top is together & a border or the pinning to the batting is needed.  In one day, I made it past my own personal quilting Bermuda triangle, and I haven't yet really derailed past this stage, so there is hope that this will make it to FINISHED PROJECT STAGE! 


RobinH said...

Taping it to the floor! Now that is a really good idea. My method of avoiding puckers involves repeated smoothing, checking, repinning, smoothing, checking, cursing, (repeat through many iterations).

And the quilt is lovely! And at least you're not hand-quilting. (There's an excellent reason I am strenously resisting starting a quilt this year...I would want to hand quilt, which is relaxing but extremely slow.)

Alison said...

That's looking really, really awesome, Toni. Bernie rocks, I say!

And taping things to the floor is my preferred method of keeping them flat, too. Much to J's disgust.

Mandy said...

The quilt is really coming along nicely. Hopefully, your little sidekick will get used to the sound of Bernie in time.

Janet said...

Nice looking quilt, very pretty! Keep at it, you'll have it done in no time.

I used to tape to the floor, or pin to the rug, now I just put it in my handi quilter frame, since I have it and can do up to a queen size on it. My Janome 1600P machine has a 9inch throat base so that I can quilt on the frame with it, very nice to be able to do this, don't have to worry about the puckers and such now.
Although I do have several quilts that are larger than the 90" wide availability on the frame, so have to take those into the shop that I work at, and have them baste it on the big longarm, then I bring it home and quilt it at the table in my sewing area downstairs. Works great. Have fun!