Saturday, August 21, 2010

6 Projects So Far!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bernie and I are taking a break from our mad sewing marathon to give you an update:

We have finished SIX projects together so far!

Eat?  Sleep?  What????????????

Just a little over 4 months left in the year and 40 projects left to go!!!!!!!!!

(And the weather is lovely here in Crazyland........just in case you were wondering.......)


toni in florida said...

So show us the paisley creations, already. We've been waiting to see what you'd sew next and now that you have, we wanna see! (Not the imperial "we"... and there's no mouse in my pocket ... but I'm sure your other readers are part of "we".

D. Carlen said...

After reading some of your current entries, I wonder if you are in a time-space continuum that allows you to knit, sew, shop, blog, all in earnest and with enthusiasm. I nominate you my new hero :) I don't even have the time lately to catch up on much. Argh. I want to see the sewing pics also. :) Hugs, Donna

Gaidig said...


Janet said...

Well, looks as if Bernie is doing just fine for you, in the sewing department. Congratulations on getting some projects done. I have no doubt that you will make your 100 projects for the year. Love seeing the pics. I am wondering if your mind has wondered to the end of the year and what challenge you will come up with for next year, lol. Perhaps at that time you will be caught up enough that we can actually see pics of the sewing room, that would be awesome!!!!

Ilix said...

Crazyland, good weather, check.