Sunday, July 11, 2010

Obsessed With Pi

Sweaters?  What sweaters?
I wish there was a good way to photograph a Pi shawl without taking it off the needles--which I am far too lazy to do--but this isn't too bad for an in-progress picture.  In some ways, this is a lot of the fun, because I don't even know exactly what it will look like when it's finished and blocked. 

At least I picked a really pretty way to fall dreadfully behind on the 100-projects-a-year goal.......


Janet said...

I think it is gorgeous. And I don't believe that you will get terribly behind. As soon as Jeeves is home and working properly, I can just envision you in production mode with your machine, and catching up the projects pronto! Have a good day.

RobinH said...

You are not factoring in the chances of getting distracted and abandoning the pi shawl in another week in order to do something else. Which might be faster. Plus, as Janet said, you'll be so excited to have a working sewing machine that the projects will just fly off it.

Really, it's too soon to worry. If you hit August first, and you're still being faithful to the pi shawl...then you can start worrying!