Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Day 21 of "Jeeves Watch"

Jeeves has officially been gone for 3 weeks now--not counting the earlier two weeks.  So yesterday I called my dealer, and the repair guy said the part is still on back order because they're having to make it.  


I bought Jeeves in 2006.  I got a good deal on Jeeves because they were phasing him out as the newer version--the 955e--was coming out, which doesn't seem to exist any more either.  The repair guy (yeah, the same one who doesn't check his work) said that they haven't had this problem before.  So my question is:  if they haven't had this problem before, then somewhere there should be a nice full box of spare parts if they haven't needed them.  Unless, as soon as the last machine rolled off the assembly line, they burned all the extra parts, destroyed any unsold machines, and then--like whoever it was in history who had his architect murdered so no one would ever be able to duplicate his palace--shot all the people who had ever made parts for the machine to make sure the knowledge didn't fall into the wrong hands.  So.....now I'm just hoping to get Jeeves back by the end of August. 

Rats....looks like I might have to finally figure out how to do all the cool stuff with the serger....


RobinH said...

Does he mean, "they haven't has this problem before" in the sense that machines haven't broken the way yours has? Or in the sense that they haven't had a delay for parts this long before?

In either case (you've entered my professional area here) the way a lot of manufacturers work is that they stock a certain number of spare parts, and when they get down to say, the last box, they order another box. This means that if a bunch of the same problem happens at once, they can run out. What makes this worse, is that last year because of the economy, a lot of manufacturers let their inventory levels drop much lower than usual to avoid spending money until the economy started to improve. (This resulted in a lot of emergency rush orders to manufacturers when something really important broke, trust me.) So if the part you're waiting for is an electronic board, say, and the machine maker let their replacement board stock drop to nothing, and the guy who supplies the chips and electronic subcomponents let *his* stocks drop to nothing, and all of a sudden you're three deep back in the supply chain and everyone has to wait for the next chip run before the boards can be assembled.

Unfortunately, they simply haven't allowed for crafting frustration. Do you have a backup machine (besides the serger) so you could sew clothes, even if they embroidery has to wait?

Daniele said...

So sorry about Jeeves!! I too have a serger and books that I haven't looked at yet..... Hmmm... Maybe you can show me how once you figure it out!! lol