Sunday, June 27, 2010

We're Back!

I'm happy to report that both the finger and my pride are healing nicely, so there has been knitting.  The latest Ostrich Plume scarf is getting close to a finished length
or, I should say, closer as there's still a fair bit of knitting to be done.  Still, it's moving forward.

And Andy's sweater is a BIGGER black tube
and I have ALMOST knit up all the yarn from that back piece, so I will soon get to start counting the yarn again!  VERY exciting.  Since the sweater picked up a theme song, I had to abandon the book in favor of a BBC series a friend had recommended
which is about two sisters who build their own fashion house in the 1920s.  Which is great and the clothes are fabulous, but it may not have been the best choice since I was already missing Jeeves.  While I'm not actually admitting anything, there may have been a small case of the sulks here last night.......

BUT, the big news is...............................It's June 27 and project number 50 for the year is done AND delivered!

Friday night we celebrated the 55th wedding anniversary with some of our very favorite people, and we made this for the occasion.  Andy made the frame while I did the embroidery, and our friends were thrilled with the result.  It might be my very favorite project of the year....

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Janet said...

Congrats on 50 projects completed. I think you will make the 100 project goal, keep on going! Your scarf is great looking, love the color. I have started one in KP bare laceweight, I am loving it. I decided to give it to my oncology Dr. She is such a great person and Dr. I think she will like it, she is always commenting on my knitting projects that I am working on when she sees me every 2 weeks.