Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Knitting And I Have Made Up!!!!

After ALL the sewing and gardening and embroidery, I'm back with my first love:
We just needed a little time apart, I guess.  And freakishly cool weather in the summer doesn't exactly hurt wool's appeal, to be quite honest.

This is another Ostrich Plume scarf, and after several requests, I will be adding the pattern to the blog later.  It quite honestly takes longer to write a stitch pattern than it does to knit, but I will hope to have it on the blog before the scarf is done.  And considering I just started this last night, I definitely think it could be this month!


RobinH said...

Lovely! And so sweet of you to give me a chance to catch up...!

Janet said...

Love the pattern and scarf Toni. Thank you so much with sharing with us. I guess I better look into ordering the stitch pattern of Barbara Walker?? Lots of things to still learn, lol.