Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Houston, We Have a Problem

Jeeves is ill.  This

is as far as I could get on a set of towels last night.  He keeps resetting himself while embroidering, and at first I thought it was just something I have done, but then it happened every time I changed thread, but I was hoping I could at least get the towel done, but once I reached the strawberry stem, he started resetting himself WHILE embroidering.  NOT a good sign.  The good news is, the sewing side works fine.  The BAD news is, the sewing part and embroidery part are in the same machine, and both are going to have to go in for repairs.


So, I have 49 projects for the year.  One more, and I'm on track for June.  Fine--maybe I can finish the scarf by the end of the month.  What if Jeeves has to be gone for a couple weeks?????????  I need eight finished objects for July as well!!!!!!!  Or he could be back in a week and all this worrying will be for nothing--but you know that isn't going to stop me......


Karin said...

Oh no!!! Not good. :( Poor Jeeves.

Gaidig said...

That's terrible.

What if you whip up some quick sewing projects as a buffer before you send him to the sewing machine hospital? Or, while he's gone, you can cut out and/or pin some projects so that you'll be ready to fly through them when you get him back. (Or is that the kind of crazy talk that leads to loosing part of a project?)

At any rate, this is certainly a good excuse to concentrate on your ostrich plume scarf. If you need to make up time/project numbers due to lack of sewing, you can always pull out another WIP that's close to being finished.(Fleur? A baby sweater?)

Janet said...

Here's hoping Jeeves has a fast recovery! I know how it is to be missing your sewing machine, don't know yet about missing the embroidery part, so far, Millie is doing just fine, knock on wood! Work on some WIPS while you wait, you have plenty of reason to get moving on the knitting! But do set up some sewing projects for when Jeeves arrives home and ready to go! Have a great week. Janet

RobinH said...

Oh, dear! Best wishes for his speedy recovery.

toni in florida said...

Breathe, Toni, breathe!!

If Jeeves is out of commission for more than a couple of days, whip out a passel of baby hats or booties. Make them extra small (like preemie size) and donate them to your local hospital. It'll jack up your FO count and make you feel warm inside, thinking about those little heads and feet in your handknits. (And yes, that would fall squarely in the "do as I say and not as I do" category, as I have not knit in at least two weeks. Sigh.)