Monday, May 31, 2010

Mission Impossible?

The fabric stash is massive and frankly, out of control. The only solution:  complete and utter taming. 

The mission, should I choose to except it:

Use up 20 or more yards of fabric by the end of May.

Should I or any of my Impossible Knitting Force be caught or killed,
the secretary will disavow any knowledge of my actions.

Good luck, Toni.

This blog will probably self-destruct in 5 seconds, because, quite frankly, the Knitting Gods are getting a little sick of the utter cheekiness of this blog lately......


Janet said...

I say go for it Toni! Looks as if Theo is not too worried about repercusions, lol. Have fun, but I think it might take you to the end of June, since today is the final day of May.

tinebeest said...

Duvet covers and matching pillowcases sets seem the way forward! Good luck!

SpongebobTanu said...

ha! i love it!

so did you make it? did you use up 20 yards in 1 day?