Saturday, May 1, 2010

It's May!

Today is the first of the month, so it's time for a Project of the Month bag.  This month we have......

socks! Specifically, Monkey socks.  I'm hoping the pattern helps cope with the stretchiness of the yarn.  It's 7% elastic, which in the sock world means that sock & foot are likely to part company after a few hours of wear.  Apparently no one else had better luck with this yarn as it has now been discontinued, but I think there are still 4 more skeins of the stuff in my stash after this.  If this sock pattern doesn't  help, I'll use the remaining skeins for baby hats, since even if the hats are just as obnoxious as the socks, babies aren't going to complain--or at least not to me.

My little sidekick was a bit sulky when I first came back from my trip, but since he forgave me, we've been inseparable.  Yesterday we cut out more mittens
and while 10 finished mittens maybe isn't that impressive, we have quite a stack now cut out
Now a SMART person would have come up with a project that one could declare as "finished" after 3 or 4 mittens, or even after finishing one as a Christmas ornament
but as usual, I opted for a different route.  I want a mitten garland which I think will require 50 to 100 of the things.  Yeah--that seemed like a good idea at the time.

In need of a faster project--and coincidentally needing a birthday gift for a friend's birthday on MONDAY, my sidekick and I are working on a bag today--Theo's part being to make cutting the material out difficult
then to hold the pieces hostage
while I try to work around him.  While he was "helping me," I decided to finish weaving in some ends on the striped sweater
then embroider a towel
then finally distract him with a second project
before I could finish the front of the bag. 
It isn't a finished project yet because I usually try to do a few embroidery projects whenever I change the machine over--and, of course, it took all day just to get this far with Theo's "help"-- but I should be able to finish it up tomorrow--with or without Theo's help.  And if he DOES try to help me, I can always cast on those socks.......


tinkers said...

i just love the embroidered heart cups! what machine do you have?

i remember when i still lived at home with my parents...the kitties would always go from my mom in the craft room stealing her fabrics and knicking them off under the table to stealing my yarn from my stash in my room and disappearing under my bed with it....*sigh* nowadays i miss them. so much better than baby drool covered

tinebeest said...

I just made a pair of monkey socks, and I found the pattern to be very stretchy. It is a bit lacy after all.

Maybe you can use the socks as house socks? If you don't have slippery floors, or if you don't mind sliding around, of course :-)

RobinH said...

What tinebeest said- I did the Monkey socks in wool/bamboo and they were quite stretchy. The stitch pattern you want is Chevron it hardly stretches at all- so much so that when I made Chevron socks in wool, I had to rip back the heels and reknit them with extra stitches to get enough ease to get the sock on at all. Elastic yarn would be the perfect pattern for it.

(And while your 'helper' is not actually very helpful, you've gotta admit he blows the dial off the cute-o-meter! Awww.) verification word today is 'bablen'. You don't suppose they're trying to tell me something?

RobinH said...

Also, rereading my comment, I clearly haven't had enough coffee yet. I'll go take care of that one now.