Thursday, May 27, 2010

I Swear I Don't Know What Happened....

Yesterday this
arrived in the mail, complete with a bill thanking me for my recent subscription. 


I swear I had put somewhere on the blog that I was NOT going to subscribe to any knitting magazines this year--though I have to admit, I can't actually find the post.  STILL, that was my intent.  AND it's what I thought I was doing.  But I have a new magazine subscription here in my hands.  So today's big question is:

Am I sleep-shopping now and is there perhaps a large bag of merino on
it's way to me now????????
(And will it be wrong of me to be just a wee bit hopeful every time the mailman comes.....?)


Janet said...

I think that if you limit yourself to 1 or maybe 2 subscriptions, that wouldn't be so bad. Sometimes you can read through and find just the right project for some yarn you have in your stash! Well, that's the hope anyway, lol. Enjoy your splurg.

RobinH said...

January 14. It's here:

Really, pretty much anything that goes weird from now on we can blame on somnambulism. (Or would that being somknitabulism? Got any new WIPs in the bin that you don't remember casting on?)