Saturday, April 3, 2010

It's DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday was Finishing Friday and I only had the binding left to do on the quilt, so my sidekick and I got up early and headed for the sewing room.  Theo helped cut out the binding
and in his "most helpful" mode, he kept moving around to take over any available space I found to work in.....

but I did eventually get it cut out, sewn together, and ironed even WITH his assistance.

I decided to do the binding as a single strip as I've only done that once before and thought it looked nice, but could use a bit more practice.  Of course, I had to redo each corner once--having made a big whopper of a mistake--but finally I was ready to start hand stitching the binding to the back...
--which Theo LOVED.

My little sidekick stayed with me for most of the stitching marathon, and last night we finally had a quilt!
Complete with non-wonky corners,
threads that still need to be cut, a heck of a lot of cat hair, and......
no puckers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  How did I manage this magnificent feat of quilting, you ask?  I finally found a suggestion in a book to tape the backing to a hard surface before pinning the batting & top to it, and.......WE HAVE A HARDWOOD FLOOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I take back everything I've said about its leg-wearying hardness and its insane ability to scratch--it solved my quilting issues!!!!  I'm thrilled!!!!

Of course, now what I want to do is to jump right in and start another quilt.  What I am going to do is start the April Project of the Month--
which is a simple fleece baby blanket--which works out nicely as some friends just had a baby and we are in need of a gift.  AND--it should be a fast project, which is another big perk as I am behind in my project for the year.  Speaking of which--time for the end of March check in:

Total yards of yarn knit:  704.5 yards
Total yards of yarn RECEIVED:  880 yards
Total yards of yarn out of the stash in March:  NEGATIVE 175.5 yards
Total skeins of yarn used in March:  2.5
Total skeins of yarn RECEIVED: 2
Total skeins of yarn out of the stash in March:  0.5
Total yards of fabric used:  5.575

Bringing our totals to:

Total yards of yarn:  3,374.5
Total skeins of yarn:  25.75
Total fabric yards:  16.155

And.........78 projects left to go by December 31.  I'm thinking it's big needle time......


tinebeest said...

Congrats! It's a nice quilt and a lovely finish, what with no puckering etc.

Big needle time indeed. How about doubling or tripling some lace yarn for a quick scarf? Miles of yarn out, christmas gifts in, and you can watch some telly if you have an easy pattern :-)

*swings the cheerleader pompoms from the side line* Go Toni Go!

Janet said...

Very nicely done on the quilt. Very pretty. Theo definitely looks as if he enjoys the sewing the best. Apart from helping you to block your knitting, lol. It is always gratifying when you finish a quilt. My favorite step is the binding, then I know that I am completely finished! Have a great Easter. Janet

Mandy said...

Well done on the quilt. It is looking good.
Well done to your sidekick too. He is doing really well with his gongoozling (a term from the UK's inland waterways meaning to watch whilst others work) studies.

RobinH said...

Gosh, all that done, and with Theo 'helping'!! Very impressive.

And, 25 projects!!! I'm falling behind...fortunately, I have a Plan.