Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Good News and the Bad News

The GOOD news is, there was crafting on Finishing Friday.  The BAD news is, I broke my own rule.  Remember how I said that Finishing Fridays were for working on projects that had been in existence for at least a month?  Well............
 my sidekick and I decided to start a new project Thursday night.  And not just ANY project.  A nice time-consuming and totally inappropriate for this year sort of project:
A quilt!  And just in case you're thinking, "Well, that might be okay after her recent quilting success," this is the first block:
Notice anything  unusual?  Yep--first block, first mistake.  I think that's a record even for me.  

I did ultimately get it straightened out, and finally managed to get 4 blocks to come out correctly, which will look something like this:
though not likely in the near future....

I did eventually decide that it would be a good idea to at least attempt the second elephant pillow case
which turned out much better, but not perfect

So, I think it was both a problem with the machine & just not a very good design.  Still, the pillowcases are done and I'm going to call it "good enough."  And finished project 29. 

31 left to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Janet said...

Nice save on the elephant! Although, question, are you sure only 31 to go???? My math skills may be rusty but I think it is a higher number, lol. Although, psychologically, 31 does sound much better. Good job Toni! I think Theo appreciated the sewing much more than knitting for the day. Cute quilt block.

toni in florida said...

Ow! Your math there gave me a brain ache, unless there's something special about 60 that I do not remember. Still, 29 completed projects in mid-April? That's nothing to sneeze at. Congrats!

RobinH said...

It's a lovely quilt but I think Theo may be a bad influence, not to mention that his arithmetic needs some work.

Congrats on 29!