Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Double Dog Dare Challenge Update

As you may remember, the Double Dog Dare Challenge is to get down to 10 WIPS (which is sort of amazing when you think about it.  I mean, there are people who could get all the way down to NO WIPS, but to even get close to single digits is a challenge for me), and so far one has been frogged and three have been finished.  Theo is guarding the last one as it dries, just to make sure it's safe.  

That puts me at 14 WIPS left--4 more.  OR, if I get really motivated, 5 more and I could have less than 10 WIPS, which would, of course, be amazing, astounding, and possibly a first for me.  A braver person would aspire to NO WIPS, but let's not get crazy here.

And on the sewing front, I have started the October Project of the Month!

It's just a simple flannel baby blanket, and now that the blocks are together, I think I might add one more row as it's a bit smaller than I think would be useful.  I mean, sure, babies are small but they grow at an astonishing rate to the great chagrin of knitters everywhere.  So, one more row, then padding, a flannel back, and maybe some little yarn ties to quilt it, which I think I can get done before the end of the month.  Then again, this is coming from a woman who thought that making 4 quilts in one year for her bridesmaids was a reasonable goal...........