Friday, May 1, 2009

It's May!

And time for the next Project of the Month bag. This month will be.........
Cotton washcloths!!!

Years ago, I made tons of these things, but got discouraged when I discovered how badly they faded when one actually used them in hot soapy dishwater, and haven't made any since. However, the faded cotton washcloths are STILL my favorite ones to use, and one of my friends recently commented on how much she loves the ones I gave her several years ago, so I have actually been looking forward to this bag. Isn't it funny--it's only May, and I can't remember all the projects I picked to put into bags, but there are a few I remember & have looked forward to. If course the really fun thing about dishcloths is that one can make up any pattern at all--there's only going to be one dishcloth and it doesn't have to match a darn thing. Great chance to play with designs.

And on the sewing quilt activity. We're still in the "needing time apart" stage, which also translates as "Toni is getting her tail thoroughly kicked by the darn quilt" stage. I have all the blocks done & all laid out, but sewing them together & matching all the points and seams is a bit frustrating and best set aside for a while.

In the meantime, I was in a real sewing mood, so I prewashed several fabrics,which Theo helped me iron, and I was just about to embark on a manic project-starting bender, when it occurred to me....

I have STARTED a lot of sewing projects lately and haven't finished nearly as many.

A braver woman might have opted to count the sewing WIPs, but I am no fool. That number might be even more daunting than the knitting pile at its worst. INSTEAD, I have resolved to finish 10 sewing projects in a row. They can be new projects, but I have to work on it straight through before starting a new one.

Really, I think this is a workable idea (provided I mostly stay away from quilts), and to celebrate, I have decided to start with a new spring dress in one of my best colors:Theo is quite excited to be sewing againand I have had the sense to choose a relatively simple pattern. The pockets are already done & sewn on, the bodice is put together and.......THERE IS NO ZIPPER TO DEAL WITH!!!!

So, could there be finished project number one by the end of the weekend????????