Monday, March 16, 2009

We're Back!

There's nothing like a little winter vacation to give your knitting meaning. Surrounded by this:knitting seems almost mandatory.

The Kauni cardigan is almost ready for armholesa secret project is 95% done, the stamped cross stitch baby blanket sucked up several hours
and looks pretty much like it did in the last picture (am I missing some important information about a stitchery space/time continuum or what?), and because the best thing to do when one has 5 quilts in process already is to start another one.....
And I am happy to report that it only took one block with tree-alignment issues to figure out that all the blocks would need to have all the trees GOING THE SAME DIRECTION. I have given up on the possibility of figuring things out ahead of time, and am now just aiming for "Before it becomes necessary to bury it in the back yard." Progress is progress.

Someone likes the new quilt, but isn't speaking to me just yet.
Apparently he wouldn't even play tape measure with Andy while I was gone. I have tried to explain to Theo that people do not generally take their cats on vacations, but I don't think he believes me. Looks like it's time for some quality sewing time.....