Thursday, February 26, 2009


While I haven't actually cast on the fabulous sock yarnI haven't actually put it away, either. And there was some browsing of sock patterns on Ravelry....

BUT, today the January Aran (from Elizabeth Zimmermann's Knitter's Almanac, though if she actually knit the whole thing in one month I would be shocked/impressed/jealous because she was obviously able to knit in her sleep).

Sometimes our simplest decisions turn out to be real doozies, and mine was to decide that I didn't like the neckline of EZ's patterns, so I decided to give mine more of a scooped neck. A smarter person might have rethought that decision when she realized that, the center not being at the beginning of a round but a full stitch pattern in, one of the "fishtrap" pattern rows would henceforth need to be knitted from the PURL side once the center stitches were cast off and the knitting switched to back & forth from circular knitting. Of course NOW I also realize what EZ was talking about when she talked about creating a "Kangaroo pouch" neck. It didn't make any sense to me at the time--and I read the pattern several times--but NOW it does. She suggested slipping the center stitches onto a holder, then continuing to knit in the round and just skip over those rows--creating a "pouch" that would later be fixed by steeking. INSTEAD, I learned to do a twisted stitch pattern from the purl side....which took an incredible amount of time, swearing, and explains the chocolate martini by my side. Still, I am almost done with the body. This will indeed be my very first steek experiment, and if it weren't for the fact that I have no use for a great big knitted tube, I might be tempted to put it off. Luckily, I think tube tops are atrocious anyway, and a big itchy wool one even more so, so.....when the sleeves are done the scissors will have to come out. Yikes!

Possibly to remind myself that knitting isn't actually the slowest hobby in the world, I spent more time on the baby blanket this weekI keep jumping around thinking it will look like I've done more than I have, but that doesn't seem to help any. The best part about cross stitch is that it makes even the slowest lace seem quick, so the latest lace scarfhas gotten a bit more attention and an actual picture. I've been unsure if I was going to like this pattern/yarn/needle combo, and the scarf was finally long enough to actually steam block. The pattern doesn't stand out as much as I hoped it would--probably needing a bit smaller needle--and it's a fussy lace with a pattern stitch on both the knit & purl rows, so it might be headed for the frog pond. What do you think?

My trusty sidekick continues to make more progress every day--and continues with his "I need a beer" poses.
I will have to remember that sitting certain ways makes even the best of us look pudgy. He has graduated to having free roaming of the house 24 hours a day, and we have allowed him outside supervised but without the leash. He gets frightened very easily now, and I'm more concerned about him getting into trouble while frightened than anything else, but he climbed the fence without much effort and apparently no pain, so that's a good sign of his continued recovery. All his swimming excursions gave him a bit of a dry, itchy skin problem, so I've rubbed him with vegetable oil a few times. It works on the itching, but his fur looks dreadful. The indignities this poor cat suffers!