Friday, November 27, 2009

Things to be NOT So Thankful For In the Knitting World.....

*  Moths

*  The moment your husband finds out you've been storing yarn in the sleeves of one of his unused jackets....

*  Knitting a sweater as a surprise gift and mailing it off in time for a birthday, only to hear "Oh, I didn't like it" from the recipient

*  Moths

*  A rash fit of optimism that persuaded you to cast on a shawl on size ZERO needles

*  Really fabulous clearance yarn when one is "Cold Sheeping"

*  Discovering that the two sweater patterns that have given you the most trouble are from the same designer and you weren't paying enough attention after the FIRST attempt at her psychotic designs to avoid the SECOND attempt

*  Frogging anything made of mohair

*  Frogging in general

*  Moths

*  Forgetting that your purse has velcro until AFTER you have put your nice cashmere-blend knitting project inside the purse

*  Managing to lose your favorite cable needle in a freak lawn mowing incident

*  Second sock syndrome

*  Moths

*  The inability to knit in one's sleep

*  Anything one knit in the 1970s or early 80s

*  Moths

*  The gray hairs one gets from the first attempt at steeking

*  The first attempt at steeking

*  Gray hair in general

*  Discovering after hours and hours of knitting that you really hate the design of the mystery shawl you're making

*  Moths

*  Discontinued yarn

*  Deciding to knit up the really terrible yarn in your stash rather than just donating it or throwing it away

*  Patterns that are 20% short on their yardage estimates, even if one is getting gauge

*  Finding out the hard way that yarn can indeed be wound too tightly with a ball winder

*  That whether or not you intend it to, all untreated wool can felt

*  Forgetting to check the reviews on Ravelry before spending 3 hours trying to figure out why the pattern isn't working

*  Yarn that sheds more than your pets

*  Large chain stores that discontinue the beads you want to use the moment you walk out the door after purchasing not quite enough of the darn things, then ignoring your frantic emails offering to pay exorbitant prices if they will help you locate more of the damn beads so you won't have to redo the entire beaded bands

*  That New Project Euphoria never lasts as long as the project does

*  Moths

*  People who don't say "thank you" for gifts, which stinks in general, but gets proportionately worse the longer one has spent making the gift

*  That there isn't a second Franklin book yet

*  That one has been mostly just messing around on Finishing Friday and hasn't actually finished a single thing.........


Janet said...

Such a true list! Your whit hits the mark, lol. I take it that the moths have been working on you????

Karin said...

Yes, what a true list. I nodded enthusiastically to several of your items.