Thursday, November 12, 2009

That Was Not Funny

So, remember last January 1 when the yarn Andy had picked out for his next sweater and which I was going to order on that day, had sold out?  Remember yesterday when I said I had resolved not to buy any yarn until January 1, 2011?

Guess what?

For the first time ALL YEAR Elann has their Highland Donegal in Licorice--the color Andy wants.


Guess this proves those knitting gods DO have a sense of humor--albeit a very sadistic one.


Gaidig said...

Oh, that doesn't count. For all intents and purposes it was on backorder.

Alison said...

Ohh, Toni!! That is irony with a capital 'I'. And probably a capital 'RONY', too.

Can we hedge this one by saying that, since it's the colour that Andy wants, it's really *Andy* that's buying the yarn? Yes? No??


Though, really, enquiring minds *do* want to know why you were even looking...

RobinH said...

What they said!

toni in florida said...

Buy it. It's for Andy, right? You're making him a special gift, remember? How're ya gonna do that if you don't buy it?