Sunday, October 11, 2009

Things I Have Learned From Knitting

*  Every group has its sadists.  In the knitting world, we call them "designers."

*  There is no cat so old or so lazy that it won't unravel your lace knitting as soon as your back is turned.

*  Knitting probably isn't the answer to every problem, no matter how much I think it must be.

*  It's wrong to think badly of friends who choose to live in warm climates where knitted woolly items are completely useless.

*  Next time I'm feeling just a little too cocky about my knitting, I will pull out that darned ribbed yoke pullover again.

*  Learning to laugh about knitting is probably much healthier than shoving a problem sweater into the blender.....and less damaging to appliances.

*  Being allergic to animals is probably actually a good thing.  It's the only thing keeping me from trying to keep an alpaca in the back yard.

*  If you want your obsession with knitting to seem "normal," convert others.

*  I will never be able to knit as fast as I think I can knit.

*  I shall try not to discriminate.  There really, truly are people with wool allergies, and it would be wrong to call them "wackos" or "anti-sheepists."

*  Next time I feel like knitting takes forever, I will spend some time hand-sewing the binding onto the back of a quilt.


toni in florida said...

* If you want to feel less like a freak because you are perhaps a bit knit-obsessed, start a knitting blog and let your "peeps" find you!

Ilix said...

So true so true!

(formerly) no-blog-rachel said...

In case your alpaca allergy goes away keep in mind that alpaca are herd animals and shouldn't be alone. So you need 3. I'm sure Andy will be happy to know that. :)