Monday, July 13, 2009

Sometimes I Amaze Myself

So, it's July 13--more than a third of the way through July, I am on the 8th repeat of a 26-repeat lace stole pattern (having completed 6 repeats over the span of 2 YEARS), I'm knitting less than 30 minutes a day right now, and some small, totally delusional part of me actually believes I might finish the kimono shawl before the end of the month. You know, I love being an optimist--it makes life exciting and filled with endless possibilities--but I think being crazy would be a bit of a drawback. To be fair, if I could finish one repeat a day I would be finished with the shawl in 18 days--maybe giving myself a 19th day to finish the edging--which would schedule the completion date on July 31 if I finished 2 repeats today and August 1 if I get only one done today. No problem--except for the TWO parties we're hosting this week, 1 party we're attending on Saturday, the dinner we're going to on Friday, the visitors arriving two weeks from today, that whole garden thing, and my pesky need for sleep. Oh yes, and Andy's birthday gift, which needs to be done by Thursday.

Sounds totally doable to me!


tinebeest said...

Sleep is overrated, the garden is probably being eaten by slugs already and who says you have to appear to be sane at parties and not take your knitting, or give your guests a map to the fridge? Yeah, totally doable!

Hope springs eternal! (it does here too, mainly thinking that a pollinator will find its way to my balcony on the third floor, right at a busy cross roads. I've seen two bees here in as many years. Sometimes I amaze myself, too. *shuffles off to moisten a little brush*

toni in florida said...

Can you make those parties into KNITTING parties? Potluck knitting parties? And make the hubby do all the cleaning before and after? Maybe designate someone to sleep for you?

If you find a way to do that last one, let me know. That's what I need... that or a clone.

Daniele said...

I need to go take a nap now..... ;)