Wednesday, July 8, 2009 The Knitting.....

* the cat ate it
* non-fiber-addicted aliens abducted me
* it turns out that there really are yarn fumes and they can cause black outs
* Michelle Obama called with some gardening questions and you know, I just had to drop everything
* I was just riveted to the TV watching whatever was going on regarding Michael Jackson today
* I thought I should slow the knitting down a bit just in case I ran out of yarn before the end of the year
* the stash finally tipped over on me and I was pinned for hours until Theo relented and went for help
* I was knitting too fast with my metal needles and the resulting heat flash caused temporary blindness
* it was rumored that there was an Idaho politician that didn't belong to the NRA and I had to go see for myself
* I was attacked by acrylic-only activists and held at needlepoint until I relented and said there was a place in the knitting world for Red Heart


* making pineapple jelly, cleaning up the resulting mess in the kitchen, working on Andy's birthday gift, and meeting friends this evening ate up pretty much the entire day

The truth is so much less fun


tinebeest said...

Did the jelly explode? I guess not, it would be too much of a blog-worthy story to leave out. (I have heard stories about marmalade explosions that had to be scraped off the ceiling...).

RobinH said...

Pineapple jelly strikes me as a totally reasonable excues, if you needed one. Besides, you could regale us with the charms of Idaho pineapples. :)

Jillsknit said...

You were held AT needlepoint or were you held by a piece of needlepoint? Just need to check out the facts....

Daniele said...

Pineapple jelly! YUM!