Thursday, March 5, 2009

Have You Ever....

....wanted to cast on something new and been unable to decide what to cast on?

Today I have that New Project urge, and yet none of the yarn is really calling to me, and I'm not lusting after any particular pattern. I can't even narrow it down to sweater, scarf, lace, stockinette, simple, challenging--nothing. Just NEW.

I suspect it's because the January Aran--which I have been loving ever since I figured out the twisted stitch pattern--is creeping closer and closer to THE DECIDING MOMENT. When I brace myself and cut those darn steeks....or decide that I am too much of a coward to go anywhere near my knitting with sharp scissors and doom it forever to the Bin of Shame. I finished the first sleeve today, so that only leaves the second sleeve between me and The Steeks!

Are there support groups for this????


tinebeest said...

This is the one time where a swatch might help: practice chopping your knitting on that piece of (usually filthy lying about gauge) knitting. Not that I've ever done it- a year ago I didn't know what a steek was, except it looked like a bad spelling of steak and seemed tasty.

Suna Kendall said...

As long as that yarn's wool--I know it will be FINE. I was shocked at how well behaved my first steek was. It's going to be lovely judging from the photos so far!

I tried steeking in a cotton and ended up with a mess, though. Thankfully that's all way back in the dim mists of time!

Thanks again for the birthday wishes!

Daniele said...

I say keep going with the EZ thing, and cast on an Adult Surprise Jacket, or a PI shawl!!! You know you want to use that laceweight up!